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A New Year 2009 – Can it Be Special?

A New Year 2009 – Can it Be Special?

Such interesting changes have taken place over the past few months that many people have been left reeling and wondering – What just happened?? Our proximity to the United States has left us highly involved in the knowledge that their government is changing radically and their economics are in the toilet. Our economics are challenged, anyone looking at their investments is groaning in Canada, and asking also – seriously – what just happened?

Of course this cloudy vision of now is inclined to color the vision of the rest of the new year of 2009. Those of us residing in Alberta, the wealthiest area in Canada have enjoyed great abundance over the past few years. So much so that if you didn’t like your job – quit – another one was available and you didn’t even need qualifications – they would train! We were able to sell our properties way over the investments we had in them. Fine dining was a weekly event and restaurants flourished as did the oil industry we all depend on.

The last few months of 2008 had us absorbed in the dramatic politics of the US with the eventual election of the first African American President to the White House. Many in peaceful Canada breathed a sigh of relief at the political implications of this change – pleased to anticipate a more peaceful future ahead for our two countries and other countries in the world.

So, now that January is half over, and the rest of the year is ahead – what do you suppose it will bring to you? I am such a non-conformist when it comes to projections of our economic future and I tend to follow the way I think instead of the way I am told to think. Perhaps it sounds economically irresponsible but I would rather watch Two and A Half Men than listen to the gloomy predictions of the analysts.

I personally think 2009 is going to be one of the greatest years we will hold in memory. I believe amazing things will come from the trials and tribulations of the corporate collapses and personal losses. I truly believe we are at the forefront of the introduction to terms we will hear more and more. Terms like integrity, honor, loyalty and truth. I truly believe in the goodness and the wholeness of the spirit of humanity and I believe 2009 will be the backdrop for the emergence of the top qualities we can display. In short, I believe in us, I believe in me, and I believe in what we can do together when we are doing it honorably and in joy. Onward and upward – best of wishes and blessing in 2009!

Until next time….
Namaste from Sharyn

Comments (3)

  • Susan

    Thank you Sharon for sending out a powerful message to the world. I also don’t want to hear about doom and gloom everywhere I go.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Lea Fraser

    Thank you Sharon!

    What a wonderful way with words you have! You have managed to confirm & focus my own thoughts! I have had unexplainable feelings of joy for the year to come & am glad to have connected with someone like-minded! Bring it on two thousand and nine…I’m anxiously awaiting!

    It was great to meet you on Saturday & look forward to crossing paths more often!


  • Donna Marie Pierson

    Hi Sharyn,

    I’m with you. I believe wonderful things are in store that go beyond the monetary, which we have become so wrapped up in. Peace, love, understand, tolerance, respect. New connectedness and wholeness. We are one.