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A Salute to Our Friend Freddy

A Salute to Our Friend Freddy

A friend of ours passed on recently. A friend we loved for the ten years we knew him.  A friend we saw just about every day. He would pop in to visit and say hello, perhaps have a bite of something. Dave and I never saw him unhappy or depressed. Even when Milo (our cat) would take a swipe at him once in a while, he never was anything but the perfect gentleman. His name was Freddy.

Freddy liked visiting us, hated thunderstorms and would dive for shelter wherever he was if he was too far from his own house and a storm hit.

And could he talk! He could have a conversation about just any thing. Over the past few years, his advanced age started to show. It didn’t matter though. He still visited, often limping because of arthritis in his hip. And even though one eye was mostly blind, he didn’t complain. He only brought love and light. When his hearing started to fail, and the arthritis got worse, he slowed down a bit. However, he never stopped. He still visited. Unless there was a storm, then he would be hiding out indoors somewhere, waiting for it to stop.

He seemed to sense when Dave was barbecuing, and would show up to claim his share of the meal.

Ah, we loved Freddy. We loved him and he loved us back. Even Milo who continued to harass him on his visits. I remember when Dave first got the convertible and he and Freddy went for a ride together. Freddy sat up on that front seat as proud as ever. He loved the rides.

Freddy lived a good long life though. 89 human years old. He was an adventurer who loved to hunt for the sport, not the kill. He loved to listen to my tales of woe or songs of joy. Most of all he loved to be loved. He loved to be treated with respect and recognized for the gentleman he was right to the end.

Freddy was our neighbor MA’s dog. and she used to joke that he was really a modern dog with a mommy in one house and a daddy in another! It’s true, he had his own dish here, his dog food and treats on the shelves. He was invited to all the family and company functions, and he attended happily. Everyone we knew, also knew Freddy. He was family. He was nineteen in dog years, eighty nine in human years.

About loving the hunt for the sport, Freddie used to chase the fox who is lives just over the rise from our front door.  He never caught him of course but as he began slowing down, the fox seemed to know it.  He would show himself and allow Freddy a head start before starting to run away.  Then, he would look back often just to be sure Freddy was still coming.  I remember one warm summer day when Freddy came back to the house for water and a rest, panting from the run after the fox.  What was funny was the fox was now trailing after him as if to say, ‘don’t give up, I like this game!”

dscn0561I looove the Car rides!!!

What fun to have had the time, the moments and mostly the memories of this amazing energy who brought only joy to all who knew him.  Freddy, we love you. We will think of you every day as we continue our physical journey. Thanks for the love, and the lessons that showed us kindness and joy can ease the pain of  an aging body until it is time to move on.

We will see you on the flip side Freddy, until then – keep an eye on us here will you? Sent with love from your house next door.

Dave and Sharyn

Comments (4)

  • Marjorie

    So Sorry to hear that Freddy has moved on he was a GREAT Guy!

  • Sharyn

    Thank you Marjorie, he certainly was one loving and strong spirit. Your words are appreciated.

  • Gloria

    So Sorry for the loss of such a beloved friend – but his memory will always remain in your hearts.

    • Sharyn

      Thanks Gloria, he was a charmer and we will never forget him or the joy he brought us with his daily visits!