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Angels, Spirit Guide, and Crossed-Over Loved Ones – What’s the Connection to Living Orbs?

Angels, Spirit Guide, and Crossed-Over Loved Ones – What’s the Connection to Living Orbs?

My fascination with living orbs began when I was attending the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Development in England last year, and I came away with a very clear picture of a living orb. Needless to say, I knew what it was when I saw it in the photo, but naively thought it had something to do with the highly spiritual environment I was in. I never dreamed it had anything to do with my digital camera, having the flash on, or even that it was possible to photograph living orbs in other more ordinary places.
That all changed however, when I attended Dr. Miceal Ledwith’s Lecture recently at the Calgary Body Soul and Spirit Expo in Calgary. Dr. Ledwith has a massive collection of living orb photos from his research, and he shared information that had me on the edge of my seat. I want to share some of it with you.
Dr Ledwith suggests the naked human eye reacts with the brain and recognizes what it knows as physical reality which limits our ability to see the living orbs that are energetically around us all the time. It seems, however; our pets may see them. Since I want to keep this simple, and my knowledge of the light spectrum is skimpy; I will skip the detailed scientific data he presented and go straight to the experiences I have had with orbs, as my own experience is all I can really speak from.
Dr Ledwith stated the invention of the digital camera is what has made the appearance of living orbs so available in the past few years. You also must be using the flash to capture the image of living orbs, even if it is daylight.
Upon hearing that, my mind went back to the photo I had taken at the College of my classmate Fleur, who was doing a tarot/astrological card reading for me. I clearly recall taking the photo as I used the flash due to the windows in the room being quite high. Even though it was daytime I wanted the photo to turn out. When I saw the orb in it later I thought of my great grandmother who crossed over when I was around 6 and has been with me ever since. I also never questioned that the energy was hers – somehow it just made sense.
However, after hearing the lecture at the Expo, I returned home and immediately started going through my regular digital photos. Amazingly I found several more with living orbs and began to also notice a similarity. Almost every photo with living orbs was taken when people were celebrating something. Thanksgiving at my parents in a photo of my brother Neil, Christmas Eve at my son Dan and Lori Ann’s when Dave and granddaughter Jessica were assembling a train set for Matthew. Orbs appeared at a spa day with my daughter in law Becky and her sister and mom before her wedding to my son Justin. There were orbs in the picture when Dave and I met his Channel Island relatives for the first time and gathered for the evening meal. The sky was filled with orbs in a shot taken off our balcony of our hotel in Spain as well as there were orbs in our room. Yes, there were just hubby and I, but we were celebrating our holiday in this beautiful country. There was even an orb in the photo of our last day together in ceramics class at the Red Deer College when we had a potluck dinner. To view my photos, go to and click on Orb Photos
These are all ordinary places, with ordinary people. So, here are my thoughts. I believe what digital cameras are now allowing us to see is the energy of living spirit that I believe is that of crossed over loved ones or highly evolved energies guiding and assisting and celebrating our lives with us. Call them Spirit Guides or Angels; call them what you like. As for my photo I believe the energy orb with Fleur is my great grandmother Ella. . Do celebrations draw living orbs nearer to us? How can we know who the orb represents? Can they communicate? We already know we are never alone, and Dr Ledwith has suggested the ability for anyone to communicate with living orbs is possible. You may want to go through your digital photos and see if you have any orbs just hanging out and enjoying your celebrations. And then there are thought orbs…. And colored orbs…. Oh my! I recommend Dr. Miceal Ledwith’s book ‘The Orb Project’ if you curiosity has been piqued. Have fun….

Click here to see my orb photos

Until next time…
Namaste from Sharyn

this article appears in the June 2008 issue of the Violet Ray Magazine. Go to to see where you can pick up your free copy of this information packed Natural Health and Living Magazine.