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Psychic Body Wizards Day #4 Blog

By the End of Day #4 This juicing was almost the end of me! Crabby, feeling sorry for myself – I felt so awful yesterday that I just couldn’t bring myself to blog. It was tough enough to post the drinks, and drink the drinks, let alone try to be creative and inspiring about juicing. […]



Psychic Body Wizards – The beginning.. Day #1

When JJ Virgin referred to seven foods she felt the body struggled with and could be intolerant to, I was listening. Particularly because what caught my attention with her work in the first place was something else she said. Something that stuck and led me on this quest. She stated, “Your body is not a […]



Why Is Easy Bad?

I was listening to an audio the other day and this question came up.  Why is easy bad?  In other words, why is it that if something appears to come easy our world thinks there is something wrong?  Why, if someone appears to spend little time in action based activities but has it all – […]

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