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Cookies Made With Love

Cookies Made With Love


There are many people who are not blessed with a lot of family and friends over this holiday season. Some have lost loved ones and feel sad,others are not well and in environments foreign to them. Some have been forgotten as their families relocate and they age – residing in seniors facilities where they can get care required. Others still are homeless, and depending on shelters and soup kitchens to assist them through their days. I have a suggestion for anyone who is looking to make a difference. Especially if there a young children in your family who can help, this is so good for them too.

Bake up a batch of cookies together in your home. Let the youngsters around you decorate them with festive colored icings and once done, make arrangements to stop into a facility near your neighborhood or community to distribute the cookies. It could be a seniors facility, a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen. (It is a good idea to call ahead to the facility and let them know you are coming) Let the kids do the sharing and suggest they greet everyone with a cheerful “Merry Christmas” as they share their cookies. Share until the cookies are all gone. Once back in your own home, sit with the youngsters and ask them what they are grateful for and share what you are grateful for in your lives. The Universe will love you, and trust me – you will love yourself and be grateful to have taken the opportunity to make a difference.

Happy Holidays from all of our family including our beautiful grandchildren pictured below!!