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Energetic Clutter in Our Environment

Energetic Clutter in Our Environment

Are you feeling out of sorts?  Maybe it’s not you€¦..

Have you ever walked into a room and thought, €˜yuck, I don’t feel comfortable here?”  Or perhaps you were shopping and left a store quickly because it just didn’t feel friendly or peaceful to you?  That could be the result of €˜energetic clutter’ affecting you. 
Energetic clutter happens when strong negative or positive experiences take place in a location.  For example, yelling and shouting in anger (negative), or a sharing of love and support (positive). 

Negative energy clutter is our concern here.  It gathers after discord, angry harsh words, sadness, financial stress creating worry, just to name a few of the negatives we live with from day to day in our busy world.  This is the energy we don’t want hanging around our homes and businesses.
Too often, we don’t take into consideration how the environment of our business or our homes may influence the people who live, visit and work there.  We ignore the signs of negative energetic clutter for one simple reason – we have never heard of it before.  We are quick to believe something else created our unrest – like the weather, our spouse or children or the crabby receptionist or client. 

Here is an example.  I did an energetic space clearing on a client’s home where she resided with her teenage son and 10 year old daughter.  It was the same residence she had shared with her husband prior to separating about six months before, and it was clogged with negative fallout from discord.  Being sensitive to environmental energies, I was able to recognize and clear the rooms of their negativity, restoring them to a clean and balanced state with none of the previous few years of imbalance attached.  Her children were unaware I had been there, and when they arrived home after school they both asked her if she had cleaned the house.  It just felt different.  Two months later, my grateful and happy client called to say life had changed for the better for her family.  There were no more fights and angry exchanges with her son, and her daughter was no longer sad and crying all the time.  They were all more open and adjusting to the challenges they had been through.  In fact, they had just returned from a family trip to Mexico and were enjoying life to the fullest.
The Imprint here is obvious.  A broken marriage left its energetic imprint in the environment which negatively affected the residents, inhibiting their ability to adjust in a healthy way to the changes.

Here is another example.  A corporate client called from Calgary with a request for me to clear the energy of a new business facility they were moving into.  As I worked, I picked up on the residual energy of financial challenges, theft, and someone who had worked there in a management position who was terribly unhealthy.  All of that was locked into the energy of the facility, an imprint from a previous company in that location.  After the clearing was done, the client and I talked about the importance of keeping the environment clear to maintain healthy productive staff, a healthy abundant business and happy satisfied clients.  This wealthy successful businessman told me less that a week ago that he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt the clearing made a difference.  As it turned out the previous business had gone bankrupt, leaving the energy of desperation behind.  This is another obvious imprint that could have had a disastrous affect on the new business moving in.

When we open up our intuitive senses to the environments we enter, we can all read energy that has been imprinted.  It never hurts to look around and notice how the people in the environment most of the time are feeling.   Is there lots of illness?  Are there lots of disagreements?  Is the abundant life we all want so badly eluding them?  Is most of the chatter you hear negative or positive?

Take a tour around your own home or business.  Feel and look at the environment with open intuitive eyes and decide if perhaps a freshening up is in order, or if you love it just the way it is.

Until next time€¦  Namaste from Sharyn

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  • Lynne

    Hi Sharyn, Love your newsletter. How do you clear the negative energy from a room? is it with energy or substance like sage etc? This is new to me and I would really like to know so if you can provide me with info sources on the subject, that would be great. I could see a use in my business as I am clearing my clients of a lot of negative emotions, blocks and painful memories. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Also a quick question about the advertising you mentioned, do you have a phone number for To Advertise or Not to Advertise gal? Hugs, Lynne