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Ep: 33 The Akashic Records – Are they real?

Ep: 33 Transcript


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Welcome to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. We’re talking about Akashic Records. Are they real? So much has been said about the Akashic Records, so today, Sharyn will share with you – what are the Akashic Records? And why do they exist? And how can you access them? That’s all coming up right now!

Hey, everybody; thanks for hopping on again. I’m getting so many great notes. This is Sharyn Rose, psychic life coaching medium. And this is the Medium Well podcast. I don’t know what episode it is. We’re just having a lot of fun doing these. But we’re in the 30s… somewhere along the way. And thank you so much to everybody that pops on and sends me a note and gives me some encouragement, because I’ll tell you what, when you’re not sure you’re doing the right thing, you don’t know until people let you know. And people will let you know! Before you listen to this podcast, I want you to remember – to stay to the end because I will pick a card for you. And, well, for you, for everybody. I’m going to pick a card today on Past Lives. You want to stick around people. Okay?

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What Is The Purpose Of The Akashic Records?

Today, let’s talk a little bit about Akashic Records. Now, I want to talk about the Akashic Records because, like everybody else, I know I’m a psychic, I know I’m a medium, and I always just shook my head and thought, that was weird. Psychics were weird, and mediums were weird. Until I started to understand the process of energy and the way that energy works. And even today, I’m still surprised when I do mediumship sessions, and spirit comes through and gives me these bits of information that I give to my client. And they go, Oh, yeah, gee, yeah! For example, I did a reading just the other day, and a grandmother came through and talked about Alaska and going to Alaska. And my client said, When I was a little girl, that was the last trip I ever went on with my grandma was to Alaska. And she was in a wheelchair. And she passed shortly after that, you know, when stuff like that happens to me, I’m like, My mind is blown, their mind is blown, like, I can’t help it. I’m a medium, and this will never change. I could do this work for another 20 years! It’ll never change. So my reaction is always kind of in awe. I’m very appreciative of the abilities I’ve been presented with – this skill that I seem to have. And, when a new thing comes along, it’s not new. The Akashic Records aren’t new. But when a new thing comes along, I tend to go really? Really? I mean, don’t you? Don’t you tend to go? Psychic work, same thing. Now, I disagree with psychics that predict the future. But the Akashic Records actually kind of indicate the same thing – that we are on a trajectory when we ask any questions at the Akashic Records, and we may not get the result that we’re anticipating or would like to have because we’re speaking from our current trajectory. Now, it constantly evolves as it’s supposed to from where you are. So let’s… I’m, I digress. Let me go back.

What Is Akashic History?

What are the Akashic Records? Let’s go there. So many different people have described the Akashic Records. Some notables. But basically, here’s the long and short of it, the simple. I just had an experience with Akashic Records. So this is how it was experienced for me. My experience was in meditation through one of my tutors. And the description was that of a library, which made sense to me because I’m a book fanatic, a Google fanatic, and I love to read. I love research; I love information. So a library just made perfect sense. And before the internet came along, and that’s where I hung out, you’d always find me there. So that felt comfortable for me. Now, some people might find it as a database or even just as a book; I had trouble with it just as a book because it seemed like it would have to be one colossal book, and how do you read all that? So, according to the records themselves, there’s another dimension called the Akasha. And the Akasha is a higher dimension than the dimension we live in, and it’s often described as being on the mental plane. Okay? Sounds weird, I know. But then again, mediumship sounds weird. Okay, stay with me in the Akasha. Very similar to mediumship and psychic work – mediumship more than psychic work.

Every concept idea thought from the past, the present and the future is stored. It’s stored forever. Okay? It follows with string theory; if you’re a Big Bang fan, Big Bang, buddy. The Akashic Records is like a database of what’s happening in all the coexisting universes. So basically, a record of what will happen, what is happening, or what has happened because time doesn’t have… there’s no rule of time in the higher dimensions, it doesn’t apply. And that’s the same thing with mediumship. When I see people who’ve crossed over, they’ll show themselves to me, so my client will recognize them, but then they’ll often switch, and they’ll end up in their favourite period or whatnot.

What Happens When You Access Your Akashic Records

So time in the Akashic Records is irrelevant. So 2000 years ago, it’s just as accessible as what’s happening, gonna happen in 10 years. So there have been some notables on the planet who have done an excellent job describing the Akashic Records. And if you choose to do meditation and Akashic meditation, you may just decide that it will appear to you the way you choose. I have a meditation that I’m going to share with you in the next podcast. It was too much to do in this one. And the next one, I wanted to give you some information on what the Akashic is before you decide to go there. But if you do choose and decide to go, you’re going to have the right to be able to understand and interpret the Akashic Records how it suits you. And that’s precisely what I did. My tutor presented some information, and I rejected it. I just didn’t want it to become something that coloured my experience. I wanted my experience to be unique to me. So when I went into the meditation, I allowed it to unfold. And it was glorious. It was wonderful. So after I share the meditation process with you in the following podcast, I’ll share my experience with you. But anyway, here’s how I grew. Casey, who was a psychic medium, really made the records famous. He’s now what he described as the Akashic, the Akashic Record or the Book of Life, which can be equated to the universe’s supercomputer system. The system acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived on the earth. Now, remember something here. If you believe in past lives, and you’ve had roughly 1000 lives, that’s not just you in this life now, are the people currently on the planet, but all the past lives and ancestors? Imagine? Billions and billions of documents or vials of information in this database? That makes sense, right? More than just a reservoir of events. The Akashic Record contains every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world. When I first heard this a long time ago with the Akashic, I went Poo-poo! There’s no way I; the reason I did that is that I don’t want all my thoughts on record somewhere. Are you kidding me? I have some cranky thoughts, and I’m sure you’re feeling the same way. Don’t take it so literally or so seriously. Don’t do it the way I did; it is on the trajectory you’re on now. So if you’re running around, and you’re just in your mind swearing, and everybody in the world well, and it’s continual, and it never changes, your actions are going to follow that up in your life isn’t going to be all that beautiful. And you won’t be that interested in the Akashic Records because your empathic aspect will be broken. Okay? Scare that. So, much more simply a memory storehouse. However, these Akashic Records are interactive in that they tremendously influence our everyday lives, relationships, feelings, and belief systems. And the potential realities we draw toward ourselves. And remember that what I just said, this is Edgar Casey’s speaking, the potential realities we draw toward us, which means we create and draw towards our own realities. Energy matches energy. So if you’re in a hostile, toxic, dark place, you will have you coming towards your negative, dark, toxic experiences to match because that’s what you’re asking for. You create your reality, okay? They tremendously influence our everyday lives, relationships, feelings and belief systems, and the potential realities we draw toward. The Akashic records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of creation; these records connect each other. Isn’t that interesting?

How Do You Read The Akashic Records?

Now there’s another notable who wrote the very informative book, How to Read the Akashic Records. Linda Howe. She says something a little different. The Akashic Records offer empowerment and transformation by lending us the wisdom, guidance and energetic support we meet in this lifetime. I tend to agree with that; when you’re on a trajectory, you’ll get what you need to help you move forward. For centuries, the records of the energetic archive of souls’ past, present and future possibilities have been the exclusive domain of mystics, saints and scholars. Not anymore. The collective consciousness of the human race has been growing, seeing, evolving, and maturing. And I’ve spoken often about the spiritual revolution we’ve got going on right now; on our planet; there are so many people waking up to who they are! We are all psychic. We all can create our reality. We all can project how we want our life to be. We can also work as mediums for ourselves at any point in time; the trick is staying in your highest best self. Okay? This spiritual independence is marked by individuals who know they have direct access to their spiritual source and cultivate that sacred relationship. That would be psychics. That would be mediums that would be shamans. That would be any holistic practitioners, that would be people who meditate, that would be animal communicators. That would be anybody working in the energetic realm. And I like her explanation; it makes sense that it might be a book you might want to pick up, How to Read the Akashic Records by Linda Howe.

How Do You Open And Read Akashic Records?

So do they exist? Do the records exist? When I was in this workshop, I learned that we would be going on this meditation journey to the Akashic Records, and it was a guided meditation. I was like, I’m excited. But I also was kind of doubtful. And I’m what is known as a clear cognitive. We get our data, our information through data, downloads; we get our information through, through and through data. I don’t get the feeling; I get the knowledge. And so I just need everything to be cut and dried and go hard and fast. And that’s just the clerk dog aspect of me. So if you’re anything like me, the concept of Akashic Records is intriguing. But what interested me was the similarities I saw between string theory, quantum mechanics and quantum physics and the records. Now quantum leaping is something that I studied years ago. And that has some parallels to, to let the record state, many worlds interpret worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, states that there are parallel universes that exist side by side. Quantum leaping talks about; I have a…I want to draw a picture. So I will take a quantum leap and tap into a time when my artistic aspect was active. And I could learn from my artist’s aspect and bring that skill back. So I can draw a picture today that’s got this kind of quantum looping in a nutshell. And we can talk more about quantum leaping later if you guys are interested in that. But for every action we take, there is an infinite number of universes that coexist simultaneously, which is what I just said, right next to us in which we do not make that action. So my artist might not want to ever learn how to drive a car but he is a good artist. Now I know how to drive a car. But I don’t need that information. As an artist, I must learn to draw the picture I want. So I will step into that parallel universe. And because of the quantum leap that I’ve had experience with – which is minimal, by the way. I haven’t done a lot of it. If you want to know more about it, I will have to do some more homework. But I agree that it is a possibility. Many world interpretations are related to the Akashic Records because they tell us that our actions have infinite outcomes. But there’s an outcome that is most likely to happen. For every step we take, for example, in most universities, if you throw a fork at the wall, it’ll hit the wall and fall on the floor. But according to many worlds interpretation, there might be a universe out there in which you throw four at the wall, it rebounds right back to you and pokes you in the eye, or it gets magnetized to the ceiling or goes right through the wall. And all those potentials go on infinitely. So why are people so skeptical? You can’t see, touch, feel, or hear it. That’s why people doubt the validity of the Akashic Records for many


How Do I Prepare For A Akashic Reading?

A lot of them are the ones that do attempt to access the Akashic Records; they don’t get the information back that they want. Or when they get information from the records. It doesn’t work out the way they think it’s supposed to. But again, we’re on each trajectory. We’re in control of our destiny. So the records will tell us the most likely outcome based on that trajectory we’re already on. But at any moment, you can decide to forge a new path and redirect possible outcomes. So it’s easy to delete the records because it’s weird to hear messages in your head. Well. It’s not weird for a medium that’s clear cognitive, or anybody that is clear audient in any way, because we get our info, information, our data downloads and our psychic work to within our data downloads in our head, we get information that we have to decipher how to interpret it and share it with the people that it’s meant for. So it’s easy to doubt; it’s straightforward to doubt. You might write off the information that’s coming as your subconscious thoughts. And, you know, that might be the truth. Honestly, who knows? You can choose to believe whatever you want. I know that before I went and trained in England with my mediumship work, I thought I was crazy at times, there were times I had information, and I was like, There’s no way I know this. There’s no way I could know this. So maybe I just made it up. Or maybe somebody told me, or maybe I Googled it.

As you know, clear cognitive are voracious researchers and data-oriented people. And what I, when I got to England, I was terrified because I was pretty sure that they were just gonna tell me to go home, I needed medication, pretty sure that I was just a little bit nuts. I decided I was nuts. Then when I got there, they put me in an intermediate class, and I went, Oh, thank goodness, I’m not even a beginner. Hmm, what a relief. And I went with my career path. But doubting it, don’t feel like you’re crazy. If you doubt it, you’re right on point. You don’t know. I don’t know until you know, okay? Until you choose to believe what you choose to believe. However, that shows up for you. Either way, by taking the time to tap into the records, you’re opening yourself up to a source of knowledge that’s more potent than your conscious mind. So whether you believe the information is coming from your highest self, the Akashic Record, or your imagination, it’s entirely up to you, okay?

What Kind Of Information Is In The Akashic Records?

So, what kind of things can you ask Akashic Records? Well, the best thing about the records is you can use them as a resource whenever you want answers. You can download information regarding any topic or question through the records, as long as the questions are self-focused. If you’re reading for yourself and open-ended, I make soul journeys for my clients in my particular case. I’ll often make a soul journey, but believe that’s… I don’t believe that I’m accessing the Akashic Records. I’m accessing information from their higher self. That’s who I ask for guidance. Is it the records? Maybe it is, I don’t know.I get real accurate information, though. But before we get into why it’s essential to avoid yes or no questions because I guess that’s not a good idea. You need to learn more about the record keepers, okay? I call them Librarians. The beings that sort of translate the Akashic Records into language we can understand, I’ll call, are called our masters, teachers, and loved ones. Oh, well, I’m going to refer to them as you can call them. Now I’m going to give this to you. You can call them masters. You can call them teachers, or you can call them loved ones. They’re the translators. They’re the record keepers. I call them Librarians because that’s easy. I like the library idea. The library suits my personality. So I want to use Librarians for the rest of this. But don’t be afraid to use masters, teachers, or loved ones, okay? For yourself. The Librarians are our spiritual team; they take our questions to the records and return to us with an answer we can understand. However, they’re not going to put up with idiocy. They don’t like yes or no questions because they are fortune tellers, and neither does medium. I don’t, or a psychic, yes or no, yes or no questions or, you know, people will come to me and say, Am I going to have another baby? That’s a prevalent one. Am I going to have another baby? And my question to them is, Do you want another baby? Because they’re looking for a yes or no, but it’s not up to me. It’s not up to me to tell them if they’re having another baby. It’s up to them. So the Akashic Records the same thing; there’s never a simple yes or any answer to most of our human challenges. Your Librarians love you. And they want to empower you to make the decisions for yourself. So the intent of going to Akashic Records is to become more empowered, more aware, and more capable. So they’re kind of like really great mentors. And they want you to learn lessons on your own, but they’re here to guide you on your journey. Sometimes they deliver information almost abruptly, and you can’t be offended. I mean, it’s just direct. It’s just that sometimes our human problems feel very small and silly to them. And they have a lot to tell you about important stuff. If that’s the case, then we wouldn’t be using our human brain to interpret. We would be using our soul self, right? So because our soul self loves us and would never be impatient with us. So I’m getting this information from a file I accessed on the internet. And so I’m just giving you what I’ve had access to. You interpret it however you choose. Okay? So it’s helpful to have questions lined up before you open the record because once they’re open, a lot of information flows through it. And it all can be overwhelming, and you could get lost.

Now, the thing is, when I’m doing work with mediumship or psychic work, I often ask my questions that my clients have information about what area of their life you want me to go in because I can go down a whole lot of different areas you’ve got your life is very big. Akashic Records does the same thing.

How Do I Prepare For An Akashic Reading?

So how to access the Akashic Records? Before the present day, only very mystical, undeveloped people were considered could tap into the Akashic. Still, excellent teachers like Linda Howe and Helen Vonderheide are teaching people like us, our little simple selves, how to open and use the Akashic Records. Linda Howe is quite active in this. And she’s written many books on and on the records in the predominant modern-day source, the modern-day source on how to open them. She’s also created a certification program in which you can become a certified Akashic Records reader if that’s something that turns your crank. She has a select number of teachers worldwide who could lead certification programs. However, anyone can open the records through the prayer pathway that Linda created; no special certification is needed. So remember that maybe get pen and paper or write this down? Pathway process prayer. Okay. And that’s Linda Howe that created that, and she that will give you access to the Akashic Records. I have a meditation that comes from Marie Mentouri. Helen Vonderheide also is a master teacher, she learned under Linda Howe, and she’s one of the most preeminent certified Akashic Record readers in the United States. So she’s an incredible teacher who hosts regular certification programs in Los Angeles. Hey! Maybe we should go on a field trip a, what do you think, guys!? I learned and became certified. I didn’t know the person who wrote this as an Akashic Record reader through Helen. And she thinks that Helen is just excellent. And you know, sometimes having somebody that has taken the training through someone is the best way to know whether they’d be a good mentor for you. One of the things I want to point out here is that there is a huge, vast field of study inside the spiritual world. Akashic Records is a part of that. And it’s not something I know as much about, as somebody says, Linda Howe, or Helen Vonderheide – I just wouldn’t have that kind of information. It hasn’t been a life work for me. But I enjoy it. I have fun with it. I know now how to access it. And I go there for myself. I do soul readings for clients, but I don’t ever have never considered it Akashic Record access. Again, who knows? Maybe it is, I don’t know. I like the way that I do it.

What Do The Akashic Records Say?

So what happens when you go to Akashic Records? Well, first of all, in my particular case, I went into meditation. So the suggestion here is straightforward for your physical self. It’s tough to go into the Akashic Records through meditation. If you need to go to the washroom, your stomachs growling, or you’re in a deafening, distracting environment. So take care of all that before you’re settled, okay? And then, you can go ahead and go into meditation or the process path, pathway, process prayer, which is available on the internet; just Google it, pathway process prayer; when you do, you might feel different than you usually do when you meditate.

You might not. Not meditating previously, though, could maybe challenge you in regards to being able to be focused. I had a great experience in my particular case, which I will go into next week. But let’s keep going. Now, it suggests – these are suggestions. Sometimes you’ll hear voices, sometimes, you’ll see images, or you’ll feel a deep sense of knowing. Other times you might need to sit for a while before anything comes through. Everyone is different, and all people have unique intuitive gifts. And if you know that you lean toward any of the five Claire’s clairvoyance, there’s a good chance that’s how messages from the records will come through to you. So once you’ve got your bearing, and you’re at the records, and you’ve met your Librarian, remember, or your master or your teacher or your loved ones, once you’ve met them. Remember, you can now ask your questions and be patient; you might need to rephrase your question if the answer is not coming to you. Try not to judge because information flows, and sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Like at all. For example, when I did a reading for a client, and I got Brussel sprouts, and she didn’t know what that meant, I didn’t know what it meant. It was her grandmother that gave us the info; she went home. Her husband told her, Yeah, remember the Brussels sprouts in the stocking… of the Christmas stocking. It was a joke. It was something they did. It was funny. She forgot about it.

How Do You Attract Love Spiritually?

So it doesn’t make sense sometimes. Like, at all. One time, the person who wrote this wanted to meet her personally. And she so she was looking for a relationship. She says she’s almost always looking for somebody to love. She’s always looking for love. Anyways, she says that the responses she got because she asked the question, what do I need to do to meet my person? The answer that came back right away was to start wearing flowers in your hair. And she thought that was the stupidest thing she’d ever heard. So she said, Why? And her Librarian explained that she needed to start taking better care of herself. And then she would personally feel happier when she had flowers in her hair. And that would make her more magnetic to the world around her. Look how simple this is. So if something ridiculous comes through, or you don’t understand the message you get. Don’t forget; you can just ask your Librarian to clarify. Honestly, it’s just a good life hack. And when in doubt, ask for more clarity. Remember to close the records when you’re done. This means saying goodbye, perhaps hugging your Librarian or however you choose to interpret your farewell or, or the goodbye.

What Is The Meaning Of Akashic Records?

Okay, in conclusion to this particular podcast, next podcast, we’re going to go to Akashic Records. I will take you on a journey there. I’m going to do a meditation modified from one I learned from my mentor and teacher and see how you do. But they’re a fantastic tool that anyone with an open mind can use. And I have enjoyed my journeys to the Akashic Records to ask about everything from what I’m looking for to how I can be more on purpose with my talents and skills. How can I be more balanced? What is it I’m not taking care of myself? What should I be doing differently? So many uses in many situations beyond just the esoteric or the spiritual world?

Okay, I mentioned before in the podcast just started that I was going to pick a card, and I was going to pick a card on past lives, which I’m going to do. Didi and Brian Weiss created the Past Life cards that I’m using. So the card is health. Let me read what that represents. Here’s the meaning of this card for you. “Your relationship to health and healing is influenced by other lifetimes. You may suffer from a physical problem inflicted upon you during your last life. Perhaps you reincarnated so quickly that you didn’t have time to deal with the underlying issues. Your physical health has caused you hardship. Yet it has also taught you a deeper level of compassion that you could have learned in a healthy body.” Isn’t that the truth? Isn’t that the truth? “You’ve also developed healing skills, and that can benefit others. And you may already be known as a healer; you may already know you’re a healer. This knowledge was acquired in previous lifetimes as well when you perform healing for others. So back then, your earthly needs were likely taken care of by the community. So you may struggle with charging money for healing work in this life. It’s helpful to know that everyone was charged for their work in this current Western society, including those who provide spiritual basic service.” Now, let me tell you something about that just for a second. That’s the card. That’s the card for today. If you’re doing holistic work and you’re not charging for it, you’re losing energy, and other people will not benefit as much as they could. If they weren’t exchanging energy with you. Money is an energy exchange.

Hey, everybody, that’s me. That’s it. I’m gonna sign off now. Remember to tune in to the following podcast, where we’ll go to Akashic Records. I’ll take you on the journey, and you can decide for yourself. Is it real? Am I crazy? Are we all nuts? Or is it an enjoyable space trip? Take care, everybody. Talk to you next time. Bye-bye for now.


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