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Ep: 66 Part 2 – Spiritual Healing With Sound Frequencies

Ep: 66 Transcript

A photo of people being healed.


Welcome to another episode of medium well with psychic Sharon rose. Today we’re talking about spiritual healing with sound frequencies; Sharyn will share the nine powerful and ancient solfeggio frequencies that can assist our human journey. But everything from dealing with fear and healing chronic disease to spiritual enlightenment. To access a federal frequency, click on the link in the description below. So let’s learn more about them and get started now.

What is health and wellness mean?

Welcome back to Medium Well With Psychic Sharyn Rose. Go to medium You know, this is part two of spiritual healing modalities. Part two, I mentioned in part one that I was going to continue because I didn’t have enough time in part one to be able to go over everything that I wanted to; I want to remind you also to hang around till the very end, I’m going to give you more real information where to find these frequencies I was talking about. And I’m also going to do a card for you and pull an Oracle Card. And actually, I pulled a card on pulling a card from the law of attraction, health and wellness deck by the Abraham group.

What is the best healing modality?

So to recap, I went over many different spiritual healing modalities and told you a little about my core story’s basic beginnings in health and wellness. How I was always inspired to be reaching, reaching for more and more without having to go on medications for what I was diagnosed with in the 90s with advanced rheumatoid arthritis; never been on any medicines, I want to say. I did try one for a week. I didn’t like it, just went off it, and that was it, but I also have had things like healing my rump, which they call rheumatoid modules, show up in places like my elbows and whatnot. And when they would show up, I would start sending love, I would, I didn’t know anything about sound frequencies at this point, I’ve got to tell you, but I had learned a lot about power, the power of my thoughts and visualization and positive, staying optimistic and believing. The diet I was on and the water I was drinking, and just I have taught me a lot about how to alter and adjust my life to become healthier and better. And so I would just put my hands on my elbows, and I would be watching a funny movie or whatnot, and just be sending love to those, those rheumatoid nodules that would disappear. And I remember, I remember when the first one showed up, I was like, Oh, my God, what is this big, massive lump on my elbow, and it hurt when I leaned on, you know, you lean on your desk, really not a table and it hurt. So I went to the doctor and asked, What is this? And now I’m seeing the holistic, okay practitioner with holistic and allopathic. And I asked her, I said, What is this? And she said it was a rheumatoid nodule. And that was the first time I’d heard the term. And I, I said to her, I said, Well, how do I get rid of it? She says, Well, you could have it cut off, but it would just grow back. They’re not going to go away. They never go away. And I went, Oh, okay. Because when somebody tells me something’s going on with my body, it’s never going to fix this or that. To me, that’s just sending me a challenge. It’s like I dare you.

Reiki And Hoʻoponopono

And I do I take it on, I do I buy it. So what I did, as I mentioned, was I would put my hands on my elbows. And I would just, and they went away. And within about, I don’t know, two, two and a half, three weeks, I went back to see or have a coffee with her. And I show her my elbows. I said, luck. They’re gone. She’s How did you do that? I said, I just decided I didn’t want them anymore. That is it is that easy. It is that easy. But we must take action; we must have faith. We must believe. And we must find modalities that work for us. Now, as you know, because I’m a teacher. I’ve gone through many different modalities I’ve used for myself. But then I’ve also shared it with all of my clients. Because if I can give you one little inkling of information, that will make a difference to you. Then everybody wins. And I’m happy I’ve done my job. So, let’s quickly recap some of the modalities we looked at in the last. The last episode of the previous podcast was there was reflexology. There was Reiki there, was an emotional freedom technique or tapping. Hoʻoponopono is one I think I mentioned, but I never talked a lot about it whole Hoʻoponopono is very popular. It’s a Hawaiian healing modality. Reiki meditation, of course, is almost the basis of everything we tend to do and even everything I do as a psychic and a medium. Meditation is an essential part of what I do. Suppose it isn’t a primary tenant in your life. In that case, you’ll have a difficult time using many of these thought Mandela thought modalities or energy modalities because you won’t be able to get yourself to a place of calm or a peaceful area of peace. And So meditation is critical, and visualization goes

along with that—massage, Of course, crystal healing. I talked a little bit about crystal healing.

What is the difference between mala and rosary?

The mala and the Rosary for the Catholic Christian, the mallet for the Buddhists and the Rosary for the Christian people. I think the Malla is Hindu as well, I don’t know what they call it, but I think they use the same thing. And, of course, essential oils are a part of it as well. And you know what, those are just a smattering of healing modalities I’ve run into. But there are many modalities I haven’t probably got information on. And if you have some healing modalities that prove they work, send me information; Sharon and send me the news; I’d love to know about it. And it’s worth it. And, even if you’re a practitioner, it would behoove me to have you come on to my program. And we talk together and share this so that everybody can learn about these modalities. One of the things I left you with was kind of a teaser about healing modality around sound frequencies.

Which frequency is best for healing?

And sound frequencies I always have I am susceptible to, of course; I’ve been doing this work for many years. So, of course, you become a little sensitized. But I’m susceptible to environments. And I think I’ve mentioned that in previous podcasts as well. I’m sensitive to environments but also keen on tones and sounds. So I don’t do well in places with a lot of aggression. I don’t do well where there are a lot of different emotional imbalances going on, like a bar where some people are drunk and rowdy. I do if I have control. Now I used it years and years ago; I used to run karaoke systems. And, of course, bars always got rowdy, but I was on a stage I was removed. I didn’t have people crowding me; I was standing at a bar and not drinking. And so I went well, I’d have a cocktail, but I wasn’t drinking to the access they were. And so my task during the karaoke was to bring joy to the people there. And there were a lot of people that would come into the bars. In fact, they started to complain that many people came in and weren’t drinking; they were drinking water, coke, coffee, and that kind of stuff. But they weren’t drinkers; they just wanted to come and sing, which I was tickled. I thought it was incredible.

 Solfeggio Frequency 

But it wasn’t, you know, so they were like, okay, we have to run some drinks, specials, and yada, yada, yada. Yeah, they did fine. They had lots of people that liked to drink, just like they do now. Anyways, the point I’m getting at is not a thing about Bose; the moment I’m getting at is sound does make a huge difference. And so, let me give you some of the frequency that I’m mainly referring to right now is called the solfeggio frequency. And I’ll go more into how to find information etc., what it is. Still, the essential facts around the frequency are specific tones used to elicit a particular physical or mental response.

What is chakra meditation?

Now, these frequencies can aid in healing, and each one relates to one of the chakras in the body. I haven’t talked to you about chakras. The chakras are the healing centers. A root chakra is right at the top of your legs, at the very base of your spine. There’s this Sacral Chakra and its related root chakra related to the colour red. The Sacral Chakra is associated with the colour orange; there’s the solar plexus chakra, which is just above your navel, which is related to the colour yellow; the heart chakra is green on the front, pink on the back; the throat chakra at your throat, and it’s blue. Third Eye is written purple or violet colour right between your eyes. And then your crown chakra, which I see is the silver or white origin. Some people see it as gold, and your energy comes in. So that’s an accurate brief and quick. If you want to know more about chakras, Google chakra. You can even pick up a chakra meditation which would help, too, because listening to the solfeggio frequencies will also help enhance his chakra meditations. So it helps to rebalance each of the main seven chakras as I just described.

What is the higher frequency range?

The fourth benefit is the saw of the frequency range. They relate, from relieving pain to repairing DNA and rebuilding rebellious relationships. Now I told you I’ve been doing this now. I’ve been doing it for about. Ten days. And I’ve had memories come to me from childhood that was painful that I hung on to that were traumatizing. And I realized as they would resurface, and I don’t know that I can only attribute it to listening to these solfeggio frequencies before I sleep at night. Or, well, when I go to sleep or go to bed. And in the morning, I wake up with these memories or experiences resurfacing. And some were things I had hung on to my whole life. I didn’t know it because things go deep. I mean, you’re living your life. You’re layering, layering, layering. We’re like onions. You’ve heard that before. The human psyche is layers and layers and layers of data.

What Solfeggio frequency is best for sleep?

And experiences. And one of them was so painful that it was a complete and total rejection that I had experienced at the age of 16 by someone who I needed to trust at the moment because I had been gravely hurt, hurt to the point where I have, and my face was stitched up. You couldn’t even recognize me. One side was so swollen my horse, and the drug had kicked me. I’d talked about that in another episode, anyways. But the rejection that I experienced and the lack of empathy and the lack of understanding and the finger-pointing that came along from this person was so painful that I couldn’t look at that point; I was already broken, I was already hurting. I was already I was stitched up. I was I’m a 16-year-old girl. And I want to be cute. I wanted to say I’m going back to school in a month with my face all stitched up, so if I’m going back to school in a month, that’s not making a 16-year-old girl very happy. And I remember it sent me into a spiral and sent me into an intense depression that this person was so, so disrespectful and mean, mean, I don’t know any other word for me. And just basically, and it wasn’t kind. At that time, I didn’t see the intention behind it; I just thought I was the wrong person because that’s how you feel when you grow up with narcissists in your realm who influence you.

What does it mean to rebuild a relationship?

So it does when it comes to when I talk about repairing DNA, it re it can rebuild relationships, but it can rebuild your memory structure so that you can let go of some of these old stories that you’re hanging on to that have never done new service. There are nine main solfeggio frequencies ranging from 174 hertz to 963 Hertz. And the benefits of listening to solfeggio frequencies include physical and mental healing, improved sleep, and reduced anxiety ahead; it can also lower your cholesterol. What a bonus. Let’s go to the base of the beginnings now. This podcast will be a little bit longer. But I want to go back to the science of solfeggio frequencies. A biochemist named Dr. Glenn Raines looked into in 1988 began looking into the effects of sound waves on the human body. And his experiment exposed DNA to four different styles of music. This is so relevant to our date, day and time today. The music he chose to reveal were Sanskrit mantras, Gregorian chants, classical music, and rock music. And Dr. Green then measured the rate of UV light absorption, a critical function of healthy DNA, and we must be able to absorb UV light. We have to; he had to; he measures the rate of it.

Does music affect DNA?

By doing this exposure, he could assess the effects of each type of music on the DNA, and the results surprised and shocked everybody. Gregorian chants and Sanskrit mantras increased UV light absorption by five to 9%, promoting DNA repair. Isn’t that exciting? Gregorian Chant says it sounds like an excellent mattress; classical music increases UV absorption by small amounts, and rock music decreases UV light absorption, damaging the DNA. Now, recent research has proven the theory that sounds frequencies do produce serious effects, for better or worse, on our health and our well-being. And I wanted to share that with you because it’s very relevant. If you’re going to start taking on the solfeggio frequencies, you want to have some background. And you can also do your homework. I encourage it, and I encourage it; I encourage it. But you want to take on; you want to have some background; you want to have some. You want to believe it works. If you don’t think it works, what’s the point of doing it? Here’s a little bit of the history that makes up ancient musical scales. So federal frequencies make up an old musical scale based on the solfeggio scale, invented by an 11-century monk, Guido Donepezil. The frequencies were lost and then rediscovered in the 70s by Dr. Joseph Poetto. And Dr. Joseph Puleo identified several tones that can aid healing and bring the body back into balance. And specific sound patterns stimulate the brain that can be used for transformational purposes and deep healing. So these are the frequencies we’re talking about, of course, and then in 88, that’s when Dr. Reid’s got involved. Okay, so let’s go right into the solfeggio frequencies. So we won’t keep you guys for days, weeks, and months here. So let me recap. What are the nine solfeggio frequencies? They are used to open the chakras and bring about various mental and physical health. Benefits depend on the frequency used. Now, the primary nines of federal frequencies range from 174 Hertz to 963 hertz; let me go through them quickly. 174 hertz, you’ll be able to relieve pain and stress and enhance concentration. And it’s been said to prove a sense of security to the organs in the body. So if you’ve got anything to do with your kidneys, heart, or liver, it’s particularly beneficial when it comes to pain in the lower back, feet and legs. Okay, so that’s the first level. The second level is 285 hertz, healing tissue and organs. The 285-hertz frequency can help treat minor injuries and wounds in the body and is said to help fix the damage in the organs and repair your cells.

What is the healing frequency for release?

The next level up is 396 hertz, which liberates guilt and fear. And look at this, you guys. One of the issues I’ve talked about over and over and over since July 2020 is losing my dad. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I don’t know why it hit me like that. But it hit me hard. And I had a tough time recovering, and I’m still in recovery. All this time, two and a half years later, I’m still in recovery. I miss him, and I’m still sad. And the solfeggio frequencies are helping me with that helping me relieve that. For those struggling with loss. 396 hertz is liberating the guilt and fear. It is the most beneficial. And this frequency can help eliminate feelings of guilt, fear and grief. So if you’re grieving, this is for you as well. 417 hertz, undoing situations and facilitating change. Do you hear what I’m saying? In undoing situations, you can create new beginnings for old stories. So, in other words, it can do what I consider collapse dominoes backwards and forwards. You’ve got a history in your family, mothers and daughters always hate each other mothers, daughters, mothers, daughters, mothers, daughters; there are issues, and you don’t want to carry that on to your daughters or potential women in your family. You could collapse that dynamic backwards and forwards, so you don’t have to deal with it again. So facilitating change, the 417-hertz frequency marks the start of new beginnings, removing negative energy from the body, the home and the office. These frequencies can do a lot in your environmental clearing spaces as well. The subsequent frequency is a 528-hertz frequency, and its transformation and miracles. The 528-hertz frequency is one of the most potent frequencies profoundly affecting our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This frequency can activate the imagination, intention, and intuition. And this is a frequency you could use in your meditations, is said to be the love frequency, and it can awaken your spirituality. Well, if you’re not already awakened spiritually, you’re not listening to this, are you? So there’s still five more frequencies, you guys, oh my five more 12344 More four more frequencies. The next one is 639 Hertz. And it’s connecting relationships. Now the 639-hertz frequency promotes connection and repairs turbulent relationships with friends, family and the community around you. The next one is 741 hertz, which awakens your intuition for intuition and problem-solving. 741 hertz can be profoundly beneficial. It can help provide mental clarity and help those struggling with chronic pain. Anybody with chronic pain, hello, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 30 years ago. When I lost my father, my hands became highly arthritic and twitched. And I’ve been trying and trying to reverse that ever since. So I’m using the frequencies to work on my hands 852 hertz, returning to the spiritual order, in 152 hertz is said to rebalance your spirituality. It’ll help you connect to the universe and your consciousness more deeply. And you know, I don’t give you guys anything, I don’t try, and I’m doing this, and it works. It’s amazing. The last one is the 963 hertz, divine consciousness or enlightenment, the highest of the nine main frequencies 963 hertz is known as the frequency of the gods, and it can create room for oneness and unity with the spiritual world. And almost all of my clients are looking for that kind of connection. So now I’m an all-or-nothing kind of girl. And I recommend and do am I put my headphones on and listen to this with earbuds; by the way, you want frequency tones frequencies to work in both ears.

What gems are associated with hearing?

So you get different tones for each ear. Although if you don’t have those, that’s fine if headphones work well. But if you don’t have either of those, listen to it just this way, it’ll, it’ll, it’ll help because it’ll also heal your environment as well. By the way, the first night I ever did this, I was lying in bed, and my cat came in and out of our bedroom all night. And when I went to the frequencies, I came to partway through my cat; I had my cell phone lying on the bed facedown because I was playing it on my cell phone and had earbuds in. And I was in this deep meditation. And when I came out of it, my counsellor had a PA on top of my phone, and I knew that she could feel the frequencies too; I knew that frequencies were also working with her. So don’t be afraid to share this with your animals too. Hey, okay, he has one I tend to do is I go on to a different site. And you’ll have to dig around because I don’t know, I don’t know what site that would look like at this point where it was solfeggio frequencies, but you can listen to the one right after the other. And I plug it into my phone. And I don’t have my phone sitting here; I will give it to you. But I just plugged my headphones in, and I turned it on. And it goes through all nine frequencies. Because I’m not smart enough to figure out which one I need, I think I need them, and there will come a time when a couple of them will become kind of all well. They’ve done their thing. But I, really, really use them all. And I still use them all. I probably will for at least another two or three months. And then, I will decide to pick and choose however I want. But I love the solfeggio frequencies now.

What is the law of attraction for health?

I’d love to hear how you guys do if you tap into the solfeggio frequencies, I want you to let me know how it goes for you. So the card I pulled for you. My body is very responsive to an improved story. This is coming from the deck. It’s called Health in the Law of Attraction cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks and, of course, the energy of Abraham. So my body is a reflection mostly of the thoughts, I think, and I’m looking forward to seeing physical changes in my body that reflect changes in my thinking. I’m confident that these changes are in progress. And in the meantime, I’m generally feeling so good that I’m not unhappy with where I currently am. It’s fun to think purposefully and see the results of those deliberately choosing thoughts. My body is very responsive to my thoughts. I like knowing that people listen up. Get yourself hooked into the solfeggio frequencies. I promise you, I promise you, it will make a difference. Thanks for listening. Thanks for tuning in. Good luck. I wish you nothing but the best in using these frequencies. Take care, and I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye for now.


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