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Episode:68 Do Psychics Cast Spells?

EpL 68 Transcripts


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Welcome to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Today we’re discussing a question that sometimes comes up: do psychics cast spells? We’ll listen, share and expand on what a bit is, how it might or might not apply to psychic work, and how it is connected to manifestation and pagan practices like Wicca. You may be surprised about what she has to say. So let’s get started.

What is magic spell meaning?

Hello, again, everybody. Welcome back to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Today, as you notice by the title, I want to dig more into what a spell is. Do psychics cast spells? And it’s an exciting topic because Canada is a melting pot. Well, North America. And so there’s a lot of mix of a lot of cultures. And I’m even bringing this up because I had a gentleman ask me if I cast spells, and I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. I said, What? And he said, spells! And I went like, Abracadabra?? Yeah!! And that made me think, how many people believe psychics cast spells or can have power over others in some cases?

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What does manifesting you mean?

So what I wanted to do is to dig a little bit more into that because I’ve had some other people come to me; a couple of years ago, I had a gentleman and his wife come to me, and they were running a business – a couple of companies here in town -, and they had some enemies that were of their culture, and they were of another culture. They weren’t – they were immigrants who had come to this country and were building their businesses and doing an excellent job of it. But they came with their own set of traditions and beliefs. And one of their beliefs was that somebody could put a spell on them, and it would diminish their businesses. Or would lower their health. It could cause them to die, have an accident, or any of that stuff. And so the reason – and I had a great conversation with them – I don’t know if our conversation worked – and if they could understand what I was trying to say to them. But it was quite an exciting thing for me to talk about. Because in Canada, typical Canadians who grew up here don’t have the culture that says spells exist or that they matter. And one of the things I do know for sure, in any way of manifesting, creating anything, whether it’s a spell, whether it’s money, whether it’s finding love, whether it’s making good health, from bad health, whatever it might be, you must have faith for the magic to work. Then to get that, you must have faith for it to work. So when this couple came to me, it is evident that they genuinely believed that this person that they thought was casting spells on them could cast spells on them and was able to have power over them. So when they, there’s a lot of subcultures, and I guess that’s what I’m talking about, is subcultures. Sometimes a lot of them dip into what they call are referred to as occult practices. Spells associated with paganism, for example, would be in areas of witchcraft, like Wicca, and maybe Wicca is something you want to look at if you’re interested in spell casting. But witchcraft is not what’s been put out by popular culture and religious tradition, nor are many of the other schools of paganism as acceptable as they used to be. So a psychic spell is invoked to improve one’s life and the world around them. They never use magic on someone else without getting their permission first.

What does candle light mean in spirituality?

So let’s back up a little bit here. Do psychics do spells? Well, you’ll hear me talk a lot about magic. The magic in believing. The magic in desire. The magic in reaching for the charm and doing it’s easy to perform your psychic magic. And a lot of people today are engaging in spiritually Earth-centered activity. And you can choose to do that too. Psychic spells are used for sowing cyclic spells. Let me carry on with this, and stick with me! Stay with me to the end of this because you’ll think, well… stay with me. So I get spells used to glimpse the future, tell the truth, or protect. I am creating a spell if you’re into the occult, the Wicca, the witchcraft, the paganism that might require chants or potions or incense or candles, soaking in herbs and oils or all kinds of other things. Chanted songs and spoken words are typically following a format of some sort. Now that leads right into using candles. As a psychic, I always have candles burning when clients come to see me or when talking to clients on Zoom or the phone. Why do I do that? Because it helps with clarity. The calmness of my environment. Is that a spell? Well, maybe, I could call it that. I use incense always. And I’m very particular about the smell that I use. I use only Tibetan hand-rolled incense. I don’t want anything with perfumes, anything not of the earth or created with intent, starting with love. So I only use Tibetan hand-rolled incense. Is that? Am I making a spell when I light my incense? What I’m doing my intention as a psychic is to create a calm, inviting space for my clients and myself, for us to be able to communicate and connect mantras. I teach a lot about mantras; for example, the Tara mantra, Data Data Dory So Ha, is a mantra that I use a lot when I get into my car, mainly when I’m out on the roads, and there’s all of a sudden I’m feeling very vulnerable. It could happen. I may be picking up somebody a little out of control or driving erratically around me somewhere, and I will start doing the chant. I know that I’m getting a spell of protection or magical protection or placing protection around my vehicle. Is that called a spell? Maybe you could call it a spell if you like. I never think of it as a spell. I think of it as a mantra where I’m reaching into the universal energies to the energy that exists in support of me and my journey. And you and your journey. At that point. I’m the one doing the mantra. So I would look for support, guidance, and

protection. And I’d be going to the Goddess Tara.

What is Masaru Emoto water experiment?

So spells that can follow a real that can follow a conventional form, but isn’t a spell. Take Dr. Masaru Emoto, for example. He is the water guy. And if you don’t know who he is, Masaru. M-A-S-A-R-U, Emoto – E-M-O-T-O. Study his work. Google him. And you’ll find out that Dr. Masaru Emoto did a lot of work on water; he would have glasses and jars of water that he would put labels on, and some would have labelled hate, or there’s a label of love. Or there’s a label with a different name of some villain from the past, and another with the title of positivity in some form or another at the doctor, and Emoto’s task or purpose was to infuse the water with those words by just letting them sit there and have an impact on the water. Then they freeze the water takes a little slice of it, and they can look under the telescope to see what the crystallized form looks like. And that you notice that the deformed, dark, murky ones are always coming up with negative words like hate or, or some notorious villain from the past like Hitler, or, and the positive ones are beautifully formed ones that look like beautiful form snowflakes would come up with from words like that were infused like love or hope or, or desire or family. There were different responses, which always worked 100% of the time. Was he using a spell? Or was he using a word and impacting water, and we are 75% water? So then, what was his intent? Is his intent the essential part of this? So would your intent be the most crucial part of creating what you want to make? And can you call it a spell? Call it a spell; I don’t care if you call it a spell. Call it what you like.

How do you step away from a situation?

I love teaching about manifesting and creating your reality and doing your life the way you want to, stepping away from the current reality and making your reality in your likeness, words, and style so that you can live your life your way. And what that entails is some rules and some focus, and it is primarily a mental process with a heart involved. So, in other words, if you were to look at the law of attraction, the five steps say, for example, the first one is asking. Asking, they said these are the steps for the law of attraction, you’ve got to ask, you got to ask for what it is you want. So you got to ask. Well, why? As soon as you desire something, you’re already asking, and then you must believe in trust. And remember, I said at the very beginning of this that you must have faith for psychic magic to work, a spell to work, or any Wiccan work to work. Or any manifesting, you must have faith, you must believe. If you don’t, don’t bother, don’t bother trying. So step two sources answering source would be the universal energies. It would be when I do my chant around my vehicle, protecting it from the crazy drivers out there, and I’m on the road and do Tara’s mantra. That is me asking for source and source answers by keeping me safe on the roadway. Step three says Step two has already taken mode. Okay, you’re relaxed because you’ve already asked, and the sources are answering, so now’s where your faith steps in. You know it’s coming. You have to believe you know what’s coming. So be in the receptive mode receive and the receptive allowing mode and manage your vibration to allow yourself to stay only in the higher vibratory tone. So when I talk about vibration, I’m talking about your emotional center. I’ll get back to spellcasting in a minute. But I think you can all see where I’m going with this. Your vibrational center is your emotional center. So if you stay in love and hope and positivity and optimism and hopefulness contentment, you remain in the higher passion, compassion, empowerment, and appreciation is my favourite. You stay in those areas instead of always hanging around in anger or frustration or sadness or grief or depression or hatred or rage, revenge any of those. If you stay in the higher echelon of the vibrational tone, you’re going to find yourself opening that doorway for the source, or the universe, to bring you what you’re looking for. Step four says to get used to having Step three going on, get used to feeling that feeling of faith and stay in a higher vibratory tone. Don’t lose faith if it doesn’t show up today or tomorrow; stay with it, and it will come to be. And then Step five says to get used to the things that come through hardship. So, for example, we have to accept contrast. That’s how we learn as humans. Contrast conflict and challenges are how we know what we must learn. So nothing bothers you. It’s clarity; you’re used to the fact there’s a problem coming up, for example, you just broke your favourite dish. Now you can say, Wow, okay, I just broke my favourite dish. I must have used it as much as it needed me to use it. Now I can buy another word that can become my favourite. You stay and don’t allow contrast to drag you down into the negativity of what difference can become. And you will enable it to be a part of your faith experience. Okay?

What is the meaning of magic means?

Now let’s get back to spells. How does this have anything to do with spells? How does this have anything to do with magic? Well, it’s manifesting. And what is it all about, besides displaying intent, wanting, desiring, wanting to have something? So, for example, let’s say you’re looking for the true love of your life. There are a lot of exercises that I have my clients do, and one particular one that I’ve shared with them many times over and over, and you’ll find it somewhere else on another podcast. There’s all kinds of them that I have clients do to help them draw to them their perfect partner, not the perfect person in the world, but their ideal partner. And if they do this exercise, a lot of times, it works. There are people who have come to me, and I’ve given them activities to do. Some of them are highly repetitive exercises, considered mantras or chants. Okay, you could call those psychic spells, and they end up having babies, and they’ve been trying for years and years, and they finally get to have a child, then all of a sudden, they’ve got two or three kids. Maybe they’re looking to get themselves out of a debt situation, and all of a sudden, they start having faith that it’s going to work out because, let’s face it, I’ve got to tell you, there’s more money on this planet than there are people. There is. We think there’s a shortage. But when we get out of the shortage mindset, we can have and do and be whatever we want money-wise. So are you casting spells? Well, I guess you are, aren’t you? Now when you talk to the subcultures, though, when you look at paganism, and Wiccan and Wiccan, a lot of the witchcraft or the Wiccan groups do have a philosophy that says harm no one. Good for all. So harm no one. So when we’re talking like that couple that came to me, they came to me because they believe this person intended harm for them. They believe this person could intend harm to them. That is not something that would be acceptable in any psychic world. You’re not going to work magic on anyone without their permission first, and chances are, you won’t work magic on someone that doesn’t want it in the first place. But it’s not hard to learn how to do your magic. And if you want to use the words like psychic, see, I like the words magic and psychic magic. I like them. And if I can, if I want to call it a spell, I’ll call it a spell, and I’ll go, oh, I’m going to cast a spell today. And in the next half hour, I will come up with the most fantastic meal out of my freezer that I could imagine. And I leave it alone, and suddenly, I’ll get an idea and think, oh, I’ve got shrimp in the freezer. I know I do. Or what about that? Oh, I guess I’m going to do that. Maybe I’ll make some noodles. And I’ll make a cream sauce with this shrimp. Oh, wow, I might need to get myself some white wine! That sounds delicious. I just cast a spell and made dinner!

What is law of attraction means?

Okay, now I’m joking around. What I guess I’m trying to say to you is, do psychics cast spells, and do psychic attacks work? It depends on how the angle you come at it from, and it depends on the amount of faith that you have. And remember, everybody on this planet is psychic. You’re psychic. I’m psychic. We’re all psychic to some degree, like singing. Some people can sing, make platinum albums and do other singles in the shower. We’re all different. So you can create yourself, but casting a psychic spell on behalf of another gets a little bit more complicated, and you want to encourage others to do their chanting or their singing or speaking their attacks, or if they’re going to use herbs and oils. When a massage therapist uses essential oils to work on your body, is she casting the spell by sharing with you that she’s got this beautiful oil and will use it, and it’s a calming effect? Are her words a chant that can bring you to a place of feeling calmer because you trust your psychic or your massage therapist, and you believe that she can calm you and make you feel good with these oils that she’s using? Or he’s using herbs – are another thing – herbs. Burning of herbs, sage, we have a strong – the Aboriginal people cast spells and do a lot of work in conjunction with psychics. And many Aboriginals are psychic and work with the Earth’s and animal energies. And they use a lot of things like tobacco, smoke and sage and things to do cleansings and clearings. A lot of traditional psychics do that too. I have sage here on my altar, and I have an altar. Does that mean that I’m a spellcaster? Do you see what I’m talking about when it comes to spells? You can, when there’s this, a comprehensive open conversation. And we could do so much more. There’s so much more that we could go into with this. But the most important thing is knowing that you can craft your spell by just having and don’t misunderstand; you are using the law of attraction. And you are creating a reality that you believe in. And if you think the spell you’re casting will work, you’re further ahead of the game. So if calling it casting a while works for you, great. I call it psychic work, magic work. I call it the law of attraction, manifestation abilities. But don’t ever put yourself in a position because karma is also the other part of this. Don’t put yourself in a place where you’re out to harm another. If you choose to go, be out to harm another, that will come back to you, and it bounces pretty fast, pretty high and pretty quick.

What is positivity about life?

Okay, how about we pick a card for you? Why don’t we manifest a law of which because it’s a law of attraction I’m talking about here? And as far as my theories go. Okay, so I found a card! I’m using the deck and the Law of Attraction deck money and the Law of Attraction just for fun because money is always fun to talk about. Everybody loves money, and Christmas is right around the corner. So figured you guys would like this. So here’s the card I selected for us today. Life is always working out for me. And here’s what it says. I like understanding that things are constantly evolving. And while many things could be better where I am, it is not a problem. Because where I am is constantly changing into something better. I like knowing that as I look for the best things around me where I am, those things become more prevalent in my experience. It’s fun to know that things are always working out for me. And as I watch for that evidence, I see more evidence of that every day. There we go! Those are the steps to the law of attraction right there. Enjoy that. Listen to this over again. Life is always working out for me. That’s you having faith, stepping up, and creating your reality. There you go. Thank you very much for tuning in and tapping in; I want you to pop over to the Kitchen Witchen dossier if you can. We will be firing up that course again on February third or something like that. But pop over to the website, And remember, which is W-I-T-C-H-E-N. Pop over and take a look at the information there. And if you like it, get yourself registered. We will start our marketing routine right after the Christmas holidays. So we’ll be marketing it through January. I might even start a little bit before that. In the meantime, everybody, have a fantastic day! And thank you for popping in,

and I look forward to talking with you again. Until next time. Bye-bye for now.


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