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Fall 2019 Law of Attraction LIVE Workshop Schedule!!

I have been studying and practicing The Law of Attraction for 15 years. It has assisted me in:

  • gathering abundance and a beautiful home after bankruptcy
  • becoming healthy after a devastating diagnosis
  • feeling good about myself and my relationships after two failed marriages and challenging family dynamics
  • creating and loving the perfect business for me
  • trusting my Intuition to fly to England, advancing my Psychic and Medium skills.

You see, I know life isn’t perfect!  for anyone!  Humans don’t learn when things are easy.  We learn through contrast, conflict and challenge.  Just like fine diamonds, we are shaped and formed by pressure.  But that doesn’t mean stress needs to be a lifestyle.  Not at all.  It means the opportunity is always there to make a positive decision when challenged.  But if we have the habit of negative thinking, we must change that habit first.  I have learned and I share the tools to do just that.  Come and hang with me for a day or two in these workshops and learn how to do what I am doing. I am excited to see you there!

As Stated in the last blog – eight students per class only!  Yup – and I am buying lunch.  SIX DIFFERENT WORKSHOPS, EACH BEING RUN TWICE!


Psychic Development –  Saturday November 30

Self Respect and Self Worth – Saturday October 19  

Abundance and Money –  Saturday November 2

Relationships and Love –  Saturday November 16

Health and Wellness –  Saturday November 23

Career/Work/ Life Purpose – Saturday December 14

All workshops are one day only and stand alone from 10am to 4pm dates posted.   $260 plus GST ($273 total ).  

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