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Family With Longevity

Family With Longevity

He is 90 years old, she is 88 and they just gathered with all their family this summer to celebrate 67 years of marriage. What is astounding about this is that all the children they raised were there with them. Did I mention they are parents of eleven? All healthy and strong, and all came to honor their amazing parents.


I have known this family since the early 1970’s. At that time, I was lonely and terribly insecure and they embraced me as best they could, providing the stimulation and the courage to move on with my life in an honorable way. They loved me the way they know best, and I will be forever grateful to them. I admire the friendships they have developed and maintained with one another in that thirty five year span, and I admire how they stayed united as many families don’t seem to know how to do. Not only do they gather with their immediate children, but they have numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren who love and honor them as well.

I know they have each changed and grown over the years. I know they have had their personal challenges, and family challenges as well. This family though, do not engage in the petty bickering that tends to divide and isolate family members. Instead they turn to one another for support and strength. They have each other to rely on when life gets hard, and they are the first to lend a hand when their community needs them.

They aren’t perfect, but that is the human journey – none of us are.

So I tip my hat with great respect to all of the Bergeron Family, these are the parents and eleven siblings in the photo. I send much love and best wishes out to Mister and Mrs Bergeron with 67 years of wedded experiences and the family that stands with them to celebrate. Way to go, all of you. You represent the best side of humanity and it is a pleasure to know you.