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Mar 2023


Episode 63: Can Daydreaming be Harmful?

Episode 63: Transcript Intro Jennifer Gunson 0:04Can daydreaming be harmful? Let’s find out in another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. As a chronic daydreamer, Sharyn was criticized most of her life for lack of focus. Listen and learn how she formed...

Jan 2023


Ep: 59 What Is Your Daily Intention?

Intro Jennifer Gunson 0:03What is your daily intention? We’ll find out and dig deeper with Sharyn as she discusses the power of choices and how to make them work for you. So you have a more positive, abundant life. This is all coming up...

Jan 2023


Ep 58: Are You Psychic?

Ep 58: Transcript Intro Jennifer Gunson 0:03Are You Psychic? And how can you tell if you are psychic? Well, listen to another episode of medium well with psychic Sharon Rose. As she shares seven different ways to know if you are psychic, she will...

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