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Jul 2016


I Miss You…

Remember elementary school and your one friend who kept telling you they really like you? They want to be your best friend? They want to play with you every day? Remember when it changed? Now, you ask them out to play, often hearing a...

Apr 2016


Release Fear – Clean a Closet

Sometimes doing the most mundane normal, boring activities can bring you back into balance. Like when you feel stressed because of family stuff, relationships, finances or health or … well … you get the picture. The mundane things like vacuuming the floor, cleaning out...

Mar 2016


I’m a Believer…

When I posted the blog ‘Psychics Familiar’ on March 11 , I had no idea that I would be writing another so quickly on its heels. This one is to let you all know that Milo, the big black Tuxedo who has worked with...

Mar 2016


The Psychics ‘Familiar’

This Psychics ‘Familiar’ Meet Milo. He is a tall, proud 22 pound Tuxedo Male who greets clients and then sits with them when the emotions get overwhelming. Milo anchors readings, and offers hugs and purrs to emotionally overwhelmed clients. He has made a lot...

Feb 2016


Valentine Day Blooms

When I went on a cruise last spring, the first thing I did prior to sailing was order flowers to be delivered to my stateroom. They were there when the friend I was travelling with and I arrived. A bouquet of beautiful red roses...

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