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Jan 2022


Ep: 5 What Do You Believe in?

Ep: 5 Transcript Intro Jennifer Gunson 0:04Welcome to another episode of Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. Today we’re talking about beliefs. What is a belief? Well, it’s a stage or habit of mine in which trust or confidence is placed in some person...

Jan 2022


Ep: 4 Psychic Science & Mental Health Cont

Ep: 4 Transcript Intro Jennifer Gunson 0:04Welcome to Medium Well with Psychic Sharyn Rose. This is Part 2 – we are continuing after last week’s episode on discussing the connection between mental health and psychic sciences. Sharyn will share with us her personal stories...

Jan 2022


Ep: 3 Psychic Science and Mental Health

Click Here For More Podcast Episodes Of Medium Well With Psychic Sharyn Rose. Ep:3 Transcript Intro Jennifer Gunson 0:02Today on Medium Well With Psychic Sharyn rose, we are going to discuss the connection between psychic sciences and mental health. How does developing as a...

Dec 2021


Ep: 1 The Energetic Connection With Animals

Ep:1 Transcript Intro Jennifer Gunson 0:02Welcome to medium well with psychic Sharon rose. Today we’re going to study the energetic connection with animals of the world. Sharon is going to share with us a variety of true stories about how animals bring messages from...

Oct 2020



Hi Everyone, When I look at the lack of blog posts on my website for 2020 it feels like par for the course.  It’s been a year!  So many changes.  So much uncertainty.  A world in crisis.  A world!!  Not my family, not my...

Nov 2019


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