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Jun 2019


Summertime Refresh 2019

Are you ready for a PSYCHIC SUMMERTIME Refresh? Ready to feel, look, be, and do better as you head into Summer? Bears hibernate in the cold winter months, cuddling into their dens and sleeping. They don’t stress their bodies and minds by frantically running around in...

Jul 2017


Need Relief? Money? A Miracle??

Yes, we can all use a little relief from pain, poor health, and sagging bank accounts.  WANT A MIRACLE?  I am here to tell you, Miracles do happen, and to show you how during the Alberta ‘When Sprit Talks Tour’ in September. I will...

Dec 2016


Tis the Season for Gifts

50% Discount on All Rose Academy Workshops expires Dec 31, 2016. The holidays are just about here and I am busier than ever at the Studio. Which means the online workshops are an easy, quick way to access valuable information and life enhancing tools,...

Jul 2016


I Miss You…

Remember elementary school and your one friend who kept telling you they really like you? They want to be your best friend? They want to play with you every day? Remember when it changed? Now, you ask them out to play, often hearing a...

Apr 2016


Release Fear – Clean a Closet

Sometimes doing the most mundane normal, boring activities can bring you back into balance. Like when you feel stressed because of family stuff, relationships, finances or health or … well … you get the picture. The mundane things like vacuuming the floor, cleaning out...

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