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Happy Mothers Day to The World of Women!

This week in the office I was blessed with the presence of four generations. The youngest of the group is only three years old, travelling with mom, grandma and great grandma. Powerful women, happy women, women who carry their strength with pride. They share so much love. And they share a resilient sense of humor. Today, on Mothers Day I can’t help but think of them.

Each of the three female adults had a unique and colourful story, and not all parts of their stories are happy. Some parts are just downright sad, or dysfunctional, or depressed – but they overcame, and they persisted, learning about their own love and strength along the way. The four of them have so much love….

They stick together in the best way they can, and as long as they try to understand one another, and as long as they refrain from judging harshly, love between them survives. Love is their weapon of choice.

Not all families can boast of that strength of character. In my work with thousands of people over the years, I have recognized unconscious patterns that go back for generations.  What is  often revealed in our sessions, is the use of toxic emotional tools of choice  – often anger and judgment. Tools passed forward with no conscious awareness of the pain being caused. Everyone doing their best, trying to survive as they adapt to the thinking emotional behaviour of their people.

This family though, they are passing along their strengths, and sharing their love as they teach each new generation emotional survival tips gleaned from their own experiences. And when they stumble, they work hard to overcome weaknesses of character and still support one another. They believe in each other, even when they think the other is mad as a hatter. They looked past first impressions and seek out the truth so they can better understand. And they laugh.

And when Great Grandma went to leave the waiting room for her private one-hour session? Well, the three year old did not want to let her go, revealing a bond of love spanning four generations.

The best part of the story?The three year old and Great Grandma don’t even reside in the same province, but they recognize one another’s strength and they share love, lots and lots of love… and they laugh.

So a heartfelt Happy Mothers day to all the beautiful women who are nurturing the youngsters of the world with their love and strength and delightful life stories. You do make a difference – one hug and one giggle at a time!

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until next time…  Namaste from Sharyn Rose