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Hello From London Sept 23

Hello From London Sept 23

David arrived yesterday, and we are seeing the sights of the beautiful city of London.  Last night we wandered around the Strand, over to the Thames and down to Trafalgar Square. Our wonderful hotel is right across the street from the Savoy, and we are delighted with our accomodations.  We were both very tired as he had just arrived from a long flight in the morning, and I was up at 4am to catch my connections and meet him at Heathrow.  We had a bit of a nap in the afternoon before going out but being still tired, we managed to get completely lost in the Theater District.  This district has a lot of nightclubs and theater so we were enthralled by the club goers (boots are very much in fashion in London ladies). 

After some direction from various shop owners and locals, we made out way back to the Strand Palace.  Today we went to Covent Gardens and shopped, watched street performers, shopped, ate, and shopped some more.  They say London is expensive but we find it to be reasonable if you search around for what you want. I just purchased a very stylish pair of black boots so now feel I fit right in.

Tonight we are attending the an evening of mediumship and psychic readings given by Gordon Smith and my friend Colette Baron Reid at Logan Hall.  Dave hasn’t been exposed to these public demonstrations before, and I am very excited to attend this with him.  Of course, the classes I studied while at the Arthur Findlay College were on developing mediumship and psychic abilities so seeing Gordon and Colette again will be a delight. 

Tomorrow we will be touring the city on the double decker bus – seeing the Tower of London while on the tour. We wanted to catch the theater production of Joseph but the tickets are sold out a year in advance.  Perhaps we will get into another show.  Wednesday morning we will find our way to Gatewick Airport to head to the Channel Island of Jersey for a three day vist, then off to Barcelona Spain. 

I feel very different after spending two weeks at the College, like something has been adjusted.  Perhaps I just received a spiritual fine tuning  that allows me to appreciate things more.  Whatever happened, I love this adventure in Europe.  Beautiful country, wonderful people and marvelous food.  Who could ask for more.  Bye for now…

Namaste  Sharyn Š