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New Studio Services Coming Sept 2019

Oh boy am I excited!!  Hi everyone!  You have been asking for the past two years for more workshops and aside from the Vision Board classes I did in 2018, I really haven’t taken the time.  Well that changes this Fall and I am adding a series of Law of Attraction Workshops covering topics on every area of your life.  Want more money – I’ll show you how!  Want more love, I’ll show you that too.  More or better health, more travel, better or different job, better marriage or relationship?  Gotcha covered.  Psychic and Spiritual Development will also be included.  And as for family?  Yup, we touch on that hot potato too.  We will have some creative fun with vision boards in each category as well.

I love leading small groups and  these particular classes are focused on only eight people.  That’s right, only eight people as I am doing them in a limited amount of time – 1 day (10am to 4pm ) per topic.   I will buy lunch, you will bring your attention, your curiosity and your need to know questions.  Registrations will be open for these workshops once I have posted the news on the FaceBook page and released the newsletter.  So, if you are seeing this little note, and you would like more information; please email me at with Workshops in the subject Line and a bit of information on what you would like to study – what topic appeals to you.

There are a few other changes this fall, some price adjustments, as well as a few new coaching packages – another request from you.  Many coaching clients have asked for a follow up program or simply more than 10 coaching hours, so now there are a few more options available.

I am excited to see you here and work with you again; or for the first time.  Specialized highly focused small groups of eight where I can give direct attention to each and every one of you.  Of course, you may decide you prefer the private one on one coaching packages.  If so, drop an email with psychic coaching in the subject line and a bit on the topic or area of life you wish to work on.  I will get back to you on options around dates and times.

Thanks for taking a minute to peruse this – see you soon with more details!

Namaste from Sharyn