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Psychic Body Wizards – The beginning.. Day #1

When JJ Virgin referred to seven foods she felt the body struggled with and could be intolerant to, I was listening. Particularly because what caught my attention with her work in the first place was something else she said. Something that stuck and led me on this quest.

She stated, “Your body is not a calorie counter, it is a chemical factory.”

Well, me being me – I decided to do the elimination for the seven foods for a week or two and see if it made any difference to how I felt.

It didn’t take long for me to notice changes.I started sleeping right through the night.My sinuses cleared up and my focus became sharper.My moods were more balanced and I found it easy to be more peaceful and less on edge.In general, I was happier.

But for me the most profound change was in my work.As a Psychic Life Coach and Medium, I depend on my extrasensory perception to guide me while working with clients.I suddenly found everything amped up.

I felt like I could see clearer, hear better and the information I received was simply put – more.I don’t know how to say it better except to add, the changes kind of surprised me.

Now, I could see a glimmer of what the granola crunchers, vegans and vegetarian psychics were eluding too.

They stated loudly for years, that veggies and fruits and lots of water were of benefit.

Me, the sugar loving carb addict who couldn’t go a day with out drooling over cookies or lattes tried to tune them out.I liked myself just fine thank you very much, and I was well and healthy and happy.It always felt to me that their options presented were so extreme.There was no easing in – and it always made me feel guilty and stupid.I stayed away from them and decided there was no point in even trying to eat like them.I ALWAYS turned away.

I have done little cleanses before, I have chosen to eliminate sugar for a week or so, I have meditated, done yoga, danced to the light of the moon and I have drummed. Some of it for spiritual enlightenment, some of it to be with friends, and some of it because well, I was bored and wanted to try it.

I am also fortunate that I love things like sweet potatoes, flax seed, oatmeal, and many others ‘allowed’ foods on a person of clean livings list. But when I ate them, I did it because I WANTED to, not because it was the right thing to do.

However, I always kept in my diet the things that made me happy.Carb laden meals, lattes with friends and sugary treats in the evening while watching my favorite TV shows with hubby.Mmmm, Tim Horton doughnut holes.

So, when I hear that my body is a chemical factory, it brings to mind a failed beer making experiment in Chemistry class in high school. My lab partner and I put the wrong chemicals together, everything fermented into a toxic mess and the Lab smelled like rotten yeast for two weeks after. Believe me, I know how mixing wrong chemicals together can create a mess. I also failed that class – bit of a slow learner.

Now, at 61, happy with my delightful sugar foods and doughy delicious carbs, I am thinking. There is not a doggone thing in those particular foods that supports life. But I LIKE them. And here I am…

… be continued tomorrow Day # 2 Feb 11, 2014…..