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Psychic Body Wizards .. The end of Day #5 Juicing

Today, I once again felt like this was my choice.  Which only goes to prove that sometimes sticking with the ‘uncomfortable’ pays off.  I had a great day, and a productive one as well.  Laundry done, emails sent, bills paid, appointments made.

Some juicing tips you might have missed if you are not on the FB Psychic Body Wizards page:

Fruits with lots of skin like blueberries, grapes and apples can clog up the juicing machine part way through, and you may have to do two batches if you are using those fruits. Feeding them to the machine slowly might help you avoid that.

If I tried to survive on three 8 ounce glasses of juice a day – I would not have made it past the first day. I use a 16 ounce glass and drink three a day so 48 ounces. I don’t think I could do it on less than that.

Remember, the rule of thumb for water – half your body weight in ounces per day?Make really sure you are doing that – I had wicked muscle spasms on day 2 because I dropped my water consumption.

I am working tomorrow, so I will let you know if it turns out to be an effective day.

Now, I am going to brew a steaming hot cup of tea and settle in to watch a movie while I wait for hubby. I love my life.

…. enjoy your Valentines evening, and I will see you tomorrow.

Namaste from Sharyn