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Rampage.. Appreciate.. Have Fun!

Rampage.. Appreciate.. Have Fun!

Here is an exercise I share with my client and those of you who follow the Abraham Hicks work will recognize this.

The simplicity of this exercise shares the concept of seeing/ knowing/ believing the glass is half full instead of half empty.

Rampaging sounds like speed talking as you speed through appreciations out loud or in your head of the things/people/events in your life. Things you love, as well as challenges you are learning from. It would sound something like:


“I appreciate my wonderful bed and blankets that keep me warm at night. I love that I have a roof over my head and I am safe and warm. I appreciate that I have this amazing body to carry me on my life journey. I love and appreciate that I can think and read and write and have access to unlimited knowledge at my fingertips. It is so fun to be able to find any information I want by looking on the Internet. What a marvelous time we live in. I love that I have access to good food and medicine and I have the freedom to make choices in how I wish my life to look. I love this life; this world and I love me. “  

Now, that is just a tiny example of rampaging in appreciation. Expressing appreciation with passion and love moves your energy up the vibrational scale and closer to joy. It can ease sadness, anger, or depression; and in fact can often eliminate it all together when you build a daily practice. Rampage in the morning when you awake and again in the evening before sleep – and watch your life light up and get brighter.

Getting good at this makes it easier to appreciate even the not so fun things, as you then can see the value or the lesson in the experience.

So Rampage … Appreciate … and have Fun!

Until next time…       Namaste from Sharyn Rose



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