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The Best Day!

Have you even had one of those days (or weeks) that leaves you feeling tired in a really good way?  A day that has satisfaction written all over it at the end?  A day of interacting with the perfect people, at the perfect time and in the perfect space?

I had that day today. In fact, I am sort of having that week.  Magical, busy, highly productive and just the best.  My clients this week, (you know who you are) brought me such joy and laughter and insight as they experienced, in some cases for the first time a divine connection with spirit.  Their love filled the room, their tears of delight moved their energy to heights that surprised them and made me laugh out loud with happiness at their discoveries.  When joy happens for my clients, it happens for me too.

But it isn’t just my clients.  This week it has been everyone.  My business coach also shone brightly in our weekly coaching session today (yes, a coach is coaching me) and shared knowledge with me that simplified the process of growing my business in ways I never dreamed were possible. You know that made me smile right there. 🙂
Now I know it is only Tuesday evening as I write this.  And I know I should really have waited until at least Thursday to talk about ‘the week’ but I couldn’t.  I wanted to share this with you and I want to wish you a good day and a good week for the rest of your day and week too.

Have fun, Laugh a lot, buy someone coffee, share your cookies, love your life.  Because It really is a whole lotta fun!!

Much love to all of you!  ……until next time,
Namaste from Sharyn