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With love to Teagan Klein

With love to Teagan Klein

I might be a medium, but there are times when it seems like a terribly unfair world, even knowing what I know about life here and life after. It seems unfair when a young woman loses her life because she has sympathy for the unhappy state of another person. It seems unfair when a child is left to grow up without the love of his mother. It seems so very unfair when violence can create such chaos and loss.


Darling Teagan, you touched many lives in your 23 years. You charmed and smiled and loved, and without a doubt you made a great difference to a great many people. Maybe your journey here wasn’t as long as many who are left would have liked it to be, but we know you are on your return journey home to peace and beauty. You left a legacy of love and kindness as an example for your son and a memory for everyone who loves you. You were, you are and you will continue to be a strong presence in the lives of those you touched.

We hold in our thoughts and prayers, Teagan’s family and friends. Their grief is deep, and we continually send healing energy to our friends, her parents Terri and Mike, and her sister Taylor. We also hold Teagan’s son Brayden close to our hearts with loving thoughts as he faces his life without the physical presence of his loving mother. Bless you all as as you deal with this physical loss, and know that many hearts are reaching out to you in support. We love you,

Dave, Sharyn and all those connected to the Studio Holistic Health Centre

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  • MominCalgary

    Teagan’s story has touched many people beyond Red Deer. I wish her parents and family strength and courage as they move through this loss, and the court proceedings which will follow. I wish love and recovery to her precious little son. Let love for this child be Teagan’s legacy.