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Wednesday Sept 19 from Stansted England

Wednesday Sept 19 from Stansted England

Hi again everyone!  Thanks for the wonderful emails and lovely thoughts you are sending all the way to me here in Essex!  I love it.

This has been another busy week of learning and honing skills.  I made a dash to the village on Saturday to get my laundry done, which came back smelling so wonderful and clean.  Four weeks away from home and living out of a suitcase could wind up feeling grungy so I was glad to find a lady who did it for me.

British food!  Hmmm… what can I say about the food we are having here!  First of all, the British love creams and sauces – they put them on everything and since I am not really a cream and sauce fan, I find the food rather bland.  Perhaps that is just here at the college since they really can’t use too much seasoning, so I am looking forward to my first pub fish and chips and ale with Dave when he arrives in London on Saturday.  

My roomie this week is a very pert Irish gal from just out of Dublin.  She has more energy than you could imagine (but like Mareen, not in the morning) and loves to mother me.  She tried to convince me last night that we wanted to have a pj party in our room and do card readings with each other.  But she was including everyone within earshot so I firmly had to put a stop to the idea.  It appears spiritual people like ‘spirits’ a lot more than I realized – she comes in from the pub around midnight or so. 

This week I have learned how to do a Tarot card spread that uses Astrology as well.  Of course, the mediumship training continues, and all the other tools we are using to assist our psychic selves are in the mix.

I won’t get the chance to write much more from here as I leave in a couple of days to meet Dave and am off on another adventure from there.  This is short, but I have lots of information coming back with me.  Take care everyone and I will see you in tow weeks.



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  • Gloria

    Hi Sharyn:

    It is Saturday morning here in Alberta and so far no snow. I hope you have received my E-Mails not sure if I’m doing things right but I have tried. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time and will have a lot of stories and knowledge to share when you get home. Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you and I want to wish you and Dave a wonderful holiday once he arrives in England. Take care have fun I will be thinking about you – have a wonderful birthday and I will see you when you get home.

    Your Friend