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Why Is Easy Bad?

I was listening to an audio the other day and this question came up.  Why is easy bad?  In other words, why is it that if something appears to come easy our world thinks there is something wrong?  Why, if someone appears to spend little time in action based activities but has it all – they are considered lazy and lucky?  And we hear things like, ‘their day will come, they will see that they have just wasted themselves and their time.

Growing up in our action based culture has created in most of us the idea that we must ‘effort’ to get anything we wish.  We effort so many hours for so much monetary return.  We believe, ..sincerely believe; that we cannot do better.  Then, along comes those who appear to just sit and stuff comes to them.  They smile a lot,  are respectful, and usually liked by their peers.  But as nice as they may be, lets face it – they really tick us off.

Because our mindset is so firmly steeped in cultural beliefs that work equals abundance and that work looks like action – we struggle to change it.  Therefore we judge and scoff at the lucky ones, jealously watching from behind the doors of our rentals while they live in mansions.  We decide they must have ties to crime, or they inherited it and we wait… gleefully wait.  We wait for them to fall and fail and prove they are not any better than we are.  We wait to satisfy our jealous hearts that we were right all along and they really were just lucky and lazy.

I have managed to figure some of this out.  That is my hand holding that cash!  Cash I won, being lazy, and lucky.  Or was I??   I will share some of what I know here – feel free to copy any of it.  I would love nothing better than to see you achieve your hearts desire and have the life of your dreams.  Here is what I know for sure:

  1. You cannot ask and ask and ask some more and get.  Of course you have to ask – but then you have to take the leap of faith that what you have asked for is coming and change your energy to receiving.  You relax, go about your life in a joyful way and let it come.
  2. Sneaky that last line.  The sneaky part is ‘joyful way’.  Life is about the journey and not the destination.  Here is an example –   you are out for dinner with a friend – you have just ordered  a bacon cheeseburger, fries with gravy side, and a chocolate milkshake.  You place your order with the waiter, (ASK) who delivers it to the kitchen.

Now is the journey part.  You sit back in the comfortable booth, and anticipate the arrival of your meal.  You know they make the best burgers and their fries are home made.  The thick creamy ice cold chocolate shake has been on your mind all day.

While you wait you share events of the day with your friend.  Do you complain, gossip, judge and share stories of how awful your day was?  Or do you laugh, and share the highlights that made your day great?  Do you listen to your friend and reach for solutions, or do you just discuss over and over the difficulties you both have?  Do you continually ask the waiter where your meal is?  Or do you relax and let it come – (READY TO RECEIVE) knowing it is being prepared for you?

Ever notice how some people complain about the very same restaurant you just had the best experience in?  Yup, you got it – it has nothing to do with the restaurant, but everything to do with how you approach the ASK, and RECEIVING process, allowing the delivery to unfold.  It has to do with the joy in your heart, the knowing that good abounds, and anticipating the best.

Oh and on a last note – for those of you who are suggesting that there are bad restaurants out there?  Generally it is those not enjoying their life journey that end up  in them – the others are drawn to the best experiences that match their best attitudes.

It is all about the experience, and if you can get to the place where you have created a strong ASK, and can move aside with the faith that what you asked for is coming, enjoying life along the way, then RECEIVING requires no effort.

…until next time

Namaste from Sharyn